On January 1st 2014, FAM launched, a benefit art auction organized by FAM and hosted on Paddle8 featuring works donated by over 30 artists. The auction closed on January 11 at 6 pm EST raising $33,000 for Women’s Refugee Commission (WRC), a global organization committed to short-term and long-term planning and relief for women and children affected by Typhoon Haiyan. The WRC continues to work to identify the most effective ways to help survivors of Typhoon Haiyan reclaim their livelihoods and establish stable lives in the aftermath of the disaster. FAM supports WRC’s hands-on approach and long-range strategy and was grateful to work with this committed and inspiring organization.

The organizing committee, brought together by FAM, was comprised of Filipino Americans in the arts: gallerist Augusto Arbizo; stylist Avena Gallagher; artists Josh Kline, Paul Pfeiffer, Carissa Rodriguez and Jon Santos; and photographer Christelle de Castro. FAM is thankful to the diverse group of emerging and established American and international artists who swiftly responded to the benefit committee’s call to action by donating their artworks to support the survivors of the devastating typhoon.

The artist list included: Becca Albee, Ei Arakawa, Anthony Castro, Paul Chan, Matt Connors, TM Davy, Christelle De Castro, Michael DeLucia, Cheryl Donegan, Anne Eastman, Keltie Ferris, Nikolas Gambaroff, Tom Holmes, Lisa Jo, Luisa Kazanas, Josh Kline, Ajay Kurian, Margaret Lee, Jason Loebs, Michelle Lopez, Charles Mayton, Jessica Mein, Virginia Overton, Andre Razo, Athena Robles, Carissa Rodriguez, Jon Santos, Leanne Shapton, Mika Tajima, Grace Villamil, Amy Yao, Anicka Yi, Amy Lien & Enzo Camacho, Ian Cheng and Rachel Rose, Miljohn Ruperto & SunTek Chung, Nick Mauss & Ken Okiishi, Tobias Madison & Emanuel Rossetti.

About Women’s Refugee Commission
The Women’s Refugee Commission has conducted extensive research on the positive long-term impacts of supporting livelihood activities in emergencies. Getting people back on their feet and linked to regular income is one of the most urgently needed and effective strategies towards lasting recovery. At the same time, having access to a safe livelihood reduces vulnerabilities and the risk of sexual violence and exploitation of women and older girls in particular.

With the donations, the Women’s Refugee Commission focused on restoring livelihoods in a heavily damaged area of Samar. These activities are centered on artisans whose production of woven and embroidered goods is purchased by a small company. Assistance to resume production would support the livelihood of 500+ families, help the local economy rebound and reduce the vulnerabilities and risks of trafficking, sexual violence and exploitation of hundreds of women and young girls.